An ICT service provider that faithfully relays value: HYUNDAI MOVEX.

HYUNDAI MOVEX provides customers with tailored IT services based on tried and tested technology obtained while providing IT services to the Hyundai Group, a global leader in the logistics industry.

Having accumulated specialist knowledge while providing global logistic services to the Hyundai Group for years, HYUNDAI MOVEX is capable of providing a variety of solution services, ranging from civil, public, global, inland and marine logistics solutions to consulting services for construction, finance, education and manufacturing. HYUNDAI MOVEX also generates added value through ICT in both visible and invisible sectors – from buildings, harbours and ships to contents and services.

At HYUNDAI MOVEX, we foster a positive attitude in actively learning new things and training IT personnel to be leaders in the rapidly changing IT sector. We are committed to being valuable business partners that confer the most value, and therefore success, to all our clients.

We aspire to continue on this upwards trend, and to continue being a creative, passionate, innovative and challenge-driven company, in addition to being dependable and ever-growing. We hope you will join us on our journey.

Thank you.

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