Vessel Management Solutions


The U& Vessel solution provides all of the operation management procedures needed by a maritime shipping company and is the foundation of a system that allows for the effective operation of a fleet and the stable management of vessel assets and crew.

Specifically, supplies/maintenance procurement, routes, fog, inspections, blueprints, and operations manual management are all provided as modules with separate ground and maritime versions.

Specifically, U& Vessel was developed on the basis of over 15 years of experience with establishing vessel IT management systems and the procedures of major leading domestic maritime shipping companies, and is now a proven solution being safely used by roughly 200 vessels.


  • Developed in accordance with the needs of major maritime shipping companies, and contains functions and processes proven through actual use
  • Suitable for land-sea data synchronization and maintenance as it automatically links with land-sea web-based technology and satellite data.
  • Suitable for linking with financial, accounting, etc. ERP


  • Established Hyundai Merchant Marine vessel operating system
  • Haeyang Shipping vessel system operation and maintenance
  • Maintenance of Haeyang Shipping network
  • Established Haeyang Shipping year-end calculations solution
  • Established H-LINE Shipping vessel management system
  • Established H-LINE Shipping maritime backup system
  • Supplied servers for H-LINE Shipping vessels
  • Established Hyundai Glovis VMS
  • Developed Wooil Marine PMS solution
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