• IT Consulting

    From ISP to ERP, we offer systematic processes and guidelines for the development of a comprehensive information system that allows for informatization optimized for our clients’ business and IT needs.

  • IT Services

    Based on our years of experience with system operations along with our professional skills, we offer optimal solutions for a variety of IT infrastructures.

  • SI

    Not only do we build professional IT infrastructures that meet the needs of the construction, logistics, port, public, financial, and manufacturing sectors, we also apply state of the art technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and big data to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Convergence and distribution

    From smart grids that form the basis of an energy efficient system to structured cabling, our diverse array of eco-friendly systems and solutions offer efficiency you can rely on while also helping the environment.


  • Port solutions

    Port solutions

    Management systems based on maritime operations knowhow accumulated by the global leader in port operations, Hyundai Merchant Marine.

  • Maritime solutions

    Maritime solutions

    Proven fleet operation and vessel management solutions that are used by major leading domestic shipping companies.

  • Ground Solutions

    Ground solutions

    Global IT services that effectively meet the needs of the global logistics industry.

  • Another solution

    Security solutions

    Wireless communication solutions optimized for wireless frequency monitoring and drone threat detection.