Factory Automation Service

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Scientifically and Quantitatively Realization of System Characteristics Utmost System Innovation for Each Process

Factory Automation always involves interfering elements that deprive of flexibility in flow due to the complexity of processes and diversity in equipment. Therefore, a factor that is more important than the selection of mechanical automation equipment is the establishment of management plan that flexibly controls the automated process and flow and improves production and quality upon considering the connection with the supply network. HYUNDAI’s factory automation service guarantees success by reflecting characteristics of innovation in the design.

System characteristics

System characteristics Flexibility Agility Adaptivity
Details Location suitability Response to demand variations Response to material flow variations
Storage space suitability
Moving route suitability Response to delivery variations Response to congestion state
Available space suitability
ASRS suitability Response to order variations Response to emergency state
Space utilization
Performance measures Slotting efficiency(%) Processing capability
(pc/hr, min, hr, month)
Processing Capability
(pc/hr) (min, hr)
Storage space efficiency (%)
Path route& width efficiency (%) Processing capability
(pc/hr, min, hr, day)
Time to reach steady state
(min, hr, month)
Space congestions(%)
ASRS utilization(%) (pc/hr) Processing capability
Ability to overcome emergency situations
3D space utilization (%)
Analysis methods Slotting optimization Throughput measuring Steady state arrival time Throughput measuring Warm-up time
Storage dimension optimization
Aisle width reducing Moving path routing Throughput measuring Warm-up time Steady state arrival time Process balancing time
2D space congestion
ASRS cycle time Slotting optimization Throughput measuring What if scenario analysis.
3D Space availability
Experiment & analysis tools

Simulation tool

  • AutoMod 12.5
  • Vensim 6.3

Simulation method

  • Discrete event
  • System dynamics
  • Queuing network
  • Monte carlo

Statistics & analysis tool

  • Minitab 16.0
  • SPSS 10.0
  • Mathcad 12
  • Hadoop & R

DOE(Design of experiment)

  • Factorial design
  • Multilevel design
  • RSM(Response surface modeling)

Optimization method

  • Evolutionary strategy(Autostat)
  • RSM(Minitab)
  • Volume variance
  • Seasonality
  • Product life cycle
  • Demand fluctuation
  • Parameter change
  • Function change
  • Policy change
  • Time variance
  • Urgent orders
  • Process balancing
  • Rule change
  • Item quantity variance
  • IEmergency controlling

Flexibility : Location & space (moving, storage) suitability

Agility : Demand variation(delivery time, quantity) suitability

Adaptivity : Material flow(including emergency state) suitability

Three characteristics required for system innovation by production, storage, and logistics processes are flexibility, agility, and adaptability. Based on this, we conduct scientific and quantitative simulation experiments and statistical analysis in the As-Is, To-Be analysis.

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