Supply Network Optimization Service

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Simulation Optimization Performance Establishment of Distribution Plan Satisfying Middle to Long-Term Demand Forecast

For the establishment and remodeling of optimal supply network, HYUNDAI uses logistics-specific 3D graphic simulator to realize a scale-free network model and finds the Global Optimal Solution for Supply Chain, downstream, and internal logistics by using the statistical testing plan (DOE) and evolutionary strategy methodology.

System characteristics

  • Network Model
    (Network structure model)

  • Supply Chain Process Model
    (Vehicle path & traffic analysis model)

  • Supply Chain Process Model
    (Supply chain process model)

(Functionally integrate and simulate the entire supply chain from raw material input to production, to product shipment)

We use the simulation model to perform optimization experiments and service the following solutions for supply chain optimization.

Setting the safe stock level for demand forecast failure(Statistical, stochastic approach)

Production and distribution planning to meet mid-to-long-term forecast demand

Energy consumption optimization (eco-friendly system construction, optimization of automation level, etc.)

Supply chain optimization by product life cycle

Integrated level of inventory stock linked to intralogistics

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