Logistics Automation Service

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Simulated Performance Prediction Minimization of Energy Consumption by Optimizing Logistical Flow Optimization of Logistical Process (Reduction of Standby Time, Simplification of Picking and Sorting, and Removal of Disuse Time)

HYUNDAI’s Logistics Automation Service finds the logistical value pursued by the customer based on deep consideration of diverse automation technologies and logistical process and realizes it as a system.

System characteristics

  • Data Analysis
    (IQ, EIQ, ABC Analysis)

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Material Flow Analysis

  • Design Key Point Analysis

  • Logistics Information Analysis

  • Cycle Time Tool

  • Facility Selection Methods

  • System Simulation

We use the following optimization solutions to realize the value system that our customers pursue.

Material flow optimization (reduction of movement of products and equipment, alternative flow implementation, etc.)

Optimization of logistics process (reduce latency, simplify picking and sorting, eliminate insolvency time, etc.)

Energy consumption optimization (eco-friendly system construction, optimization of automation level, etc.)

Inventory management optimization (intelligent warehouse management strategy, etc.)

Optimization of transport equipment and picking and sorting facility capacity (factor optimization through simulation performance prediction, etc.)

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