Distribution/Parcel Service

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Realization of Accurate and Safe Delivery of Products Minimization of Operating Personnel in the Entire Processes of Storage, Release, Warehousing, and Classification

Prompt and accurate storage, release, warehousing, and classification works are realized by introducing automated equipment optimized to diverse orders of customers including daily necessities, books, and parcel service cargoes, etc.

Construction Examples

  • Woongjin.Com Daejeon Logistics Center
  • Paju Publication Logistics Center
  • Bupyung Regional Post Office Logistics Equipment
  • Incheon Freight Terminal Sorter
  • Gunpo Integrated Terminal Sorter
  • Daejeon Hub Terminal Sorter
  • Seoul Northern Terminal Sorter
  • Yangsan Terminal Sorter
  • Bugok Terminal Sorter
  • Incheon Terminal Sorter
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