Food and Beverage

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Reduced Occurrence of Dust and Clean Environment System Design that Reflects the Characteristics of Food and Beverage

Efficient storage and delivery solution of food is provided through automated logistics equipment establishment exclusively for foods and beverages, which considered maintenance of cleanliness as the utmost priority.

Construction Examples

  • Chungju Plant #2 Automated Warehouse
  • Orion Confectionery Chungju Logistics Center Automated Warehouse
  • Gwangmyeong Logistics Center Logistics Equipment and Materials
  • Poseung Logistics Center Logistics Facilities
  • Daepung Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Eumseong Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Pasteur Hoengseong Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Artisee Boulangerie Anseongn Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Tangerine Nondestructive Sorter
  • Jeju Tangerine Sorter
  • Jeungpyeong New Factory Automated Warehouse
  • Donong Plant Vertical Automated Elevator Equipment and Bridge
  • Room Temperature Automated Warehouse and Transportation Equipment
  • Suwon Factory Vending System
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