General Manufacturing

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Reasonable Operational Effect by Reducing Labor Force Increase in Processing Capability Due to Automation of Storage, Warehousing, and Release

Safely and efficiently stores large quantity of warehoused goods in a limited space and provides comfortable and efficient work environment by maximizing system efficiency by linking diverse devices and automated machines for automated sorting and transportation.

Construction Examples

  • Seotan Plant Component Automated Warehouse
  • Seotan Plant Product Storing Automated Warehouse
  • Ansan Plant Product Automated Warehouse
  • Asan Plant Over Bridge Extension Construction
  • Asan Logistical Center New Construction
  • Daejeon Plant Product Storing Automated Warehouse
  • Daejeon Plant Manual Storage Line
  • 40 Supply Warehouse Automated Equipment
  • Changwon Factory Ultrathin Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Sooncheon Plant High Bay Automated Warehouse
  • Jeonju Plant Sky-rav System
  • Asan Plant Component Automated Warehouse
  • Seoul Plant Component Automated Warehouse
  • Pyeongtaek Plant Hazardous Commodity Automated Warehouse
  • Ansan Plant RTV System Construction
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