• Provided consulting/built distribution operation system for Sebang
  • Built a shipping business operation system for Cheongyeong Shipping
  • Built a shipping business operation system for Hanlim Shipping
  • Built a shipping business operation system for PAN STAR
  • Hyundai LNG Shipping information system operation and maintenance
  • Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP) project
  • Built NEW accounting system for Hyundai Elevator sales office
  • Built the Hyundai Elevator electronic purchasing bidding system
  • Built the Hyundai Logistics New Container transportation system


  • uLogisHub upgrade project to provide support for KTnet Government 3.0
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering new LNG network system created
  • Built a vessel management system for H-LINE SHIPPING
  • Built 2nd phase of KTnet marine logistics system
  • Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP) project
  • Supplied a DSC Measurement System
  • Gonyang/Jangseong/Mungyeong photovoltaic power generation project
  • Smart grid supply support project
  • Built Hyundai Elevator automatic drawing design system
  • Built construction ERP for Hyundai Asan


  • Hyundai Elevator overseas corporation, Integrated Management System
  • Hyundai Elevator Brazil corporation, PDM(Product Data Management) System
  • Jeju M-STAY Hotel, Information and Communications Infrastructure
  • Sejong Metropolitan Autonomuous City, Informatization System(u-City) 1st, 2nd phrase
  • Hyundai Securities, Separated Networking System
  • YEOSU GUKJEI PORT, Pier Operating Information System
  • LOTTE FOODS, Commercial Vehicles Monitoring System
  • Pakistan, National Information e-Government Consulting Project
  • Gimpo City, Smart Town Platform Consulting/PMO
  • Korean Fire Protection Association, GIS Natural Disaster Bulletin System


  • Gimhae Golden Root Industrial Valley, Construction of Solar power plant (1st~3rd phase)
  • Busanjin station, Rail CY operation system
  • Total IT Outsourcing for Ministry of National defense
  • DONGBU Insurance, Next generation infrastructure
  • ADT Caps, Remote Reset Service System
  • GWANGJU Metropolitan City, Integrated city surveillance & monitoring center
  • Bloomvista, Information and Communications Infrastructure


  • Building global harbor logistics information Sharing System
  • Building Namsung Shipping u-COS
  • Glovis vessel operation management system
  • Samsung heavy Industries Implementation smart work system
  • Implementation Sejong city office of education BTL business smart school system
  • POSEF Smart technical meister school system


  • Global Logistics Information Network System 3rd Phase
  • RFID-based Container Terminals Access System
  • HiTOP, Exhibited at International Assocation of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), Busan
  • Port Logisctics Information Disaster Recovery Center IT Outsourcing
  • IT Outsourcing for Korea Internet & Security Agency


  • Moved into Yeonji-dong New Hyundai Building
  • Terminal Operating System for Busan New Container Terminal(BNCT)
  • RFID-based Maritime Imported Cargo Monitoring System
  • HiTOPS, Exhibited at Terminal Operation Conference and Exhibition (TOC ASIA), Busan
  • Acquired CMMI Level 3, SI Department
  • Acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification, Internet Data Center


  • 2009 eASIA Awards – RTLS/USN based Green u-Port
  • Established PSA PNIT 1-1 Management System
  • Participated in Kormarine 2009, International Marine Exhibition in Busan
  • Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
    – Established Global Logistics/Trades Information Network Implementation
  • Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
    – Established 2nd business of RTLS/USN based u-Port


  • Samsung Heavy Industries, Established “GIS based Digital Shipyard System”
  • Participated in RFID/USN KOREA 2008 conference
  • Proclaimed New Organizational Culture 「4T」
  • Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
    – Established RTLS/USN based u-Port
  • Seoul Metro, Established Key Communications Network


  • Participated in Kormarine 2007, International Marine Exhibition in Busan
  • Established Busan Office for extend the business
  • Obtained Certification of Quality Management System (KSA9001:2001 ISO9001:2001)
  • Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Implemented RTLS/USN based Ubiquitous Port Pilot Project
  • Established R&D Organization for Ubiquitous Technologies


  • Korea National Computerized Agency, IT outsourcing service in Public sector, Management of the representive Goverement-related Information Systems in state-run organization
  • HMM, Implemented Next Generation Logistics Operating System
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with CA Korea for IT Governance
  • Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Implemented RFID based Pilot Project for Streamlined Port System
  • Ministry of Unification, Implemented RFID based Pilot Project for CIQ Management System


  • Established HYUNDAI Ubiquitous & Information Technology toward Total IT Service Expert Group
  • Consulting on mid&long-term ISP for Individual Hyundai-Affiliated companies
  • Strategic Alliance with Global IT Leader group (IBM, SUN, Microsoft)
  • Participated in Kormarine 2005, and launched Vessel Management System featured by Vessel Visibility
  • HMM, Joint hands with KT for co-Sales & Marketing on Vessel Management System business


  • HMM, Carried out Global Extended ERP Project
  • HMM, Delivered Consulting on Information Strategy Planning for Shipping Logsitics
  • HL, Developed First in Mail-Order Selling system
  • HL, Renewal project for Delivery Intelligence system
  • HMM, Implemented Marine Analytical System
  • HMM, Delivered Inland Transportation Management System


  • HMM, Implemented Shipping Logistics Information System
    (First in Enterprise-spanning solution focused on specialized marine businesses)
  • HMM, Integrated partially automated system across the overseas companies with seamless collaborative legacy system
  • HMM, Implemented ERP for the overseas' headquarters
  • Completed Knowledge Management System(Known as HI-Office) and introduced to All Hyundai Affiliates
  • HMM, Delivered worldwide container & terminal operating system
  • HL, Implemented Inland Transportation Tracking system
  • HA, Developed Web-based CIQ Information system
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