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U& Terminal Container is a Terminal Operating System developed by combining the terminal operations know-how of the global maritime shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine with the state of the art IT technology of HYUNDAI MOVEX, and as such, it is the solution with the largest market share among terminal operating systems in the domestic market.

U& Terminal Container is an operating system optimized for both manual and automated terminal environments, and also supports specialized automation modules for manual terminals looking to switch to automation.

The current 3rd generation of the U& Terminal is characterized by its outstanding operating efficiency founded upon an elegant operation planning algorithm; optimized resource utilization occurs through an automated planning system and yard management functions. Other strong points include the visibility of terminal operations through its monitoring functions and flexible system responsiveness when changes occur in the operation and yard environment.

Currently there are 12 terminals inside and outside the country using U& Terminal Container, and it allows for outstanding productivity as shown by its safe loading and unloading of 10 million TEUs of cargo on an annual basis, with over 30 TEUs being handled per hour between all of these terminals.

Based on our experience with building and managing terminals, HYUNDAI MOVEX is continually improving its terminal operating system to reflect exceptional cases and technologies around the world. Furthermore, we provide Total Port Solutions that include terminal management, establishment of an IT strategy, establishment of a terminal IT infrastructure, and IT outsourcing, and we are fast becoming a global player through an expansion of our theater of operations, centered around Southeast Asia, China, and the U.S.


  • Provides a stable Architecture that forms the foundation for the latest technology (Active – Active method support, etc.)
  • Uni Framework – Self-contained development framework specialized for port logistics
  • Automation Module
    • Comprehensive automated crane control, automated yard crane control API, and as an independent module, can be plugged into a manual TOS due to the API
  • Diverse set of real-time Job Control functions (Improves operational productivity)
    • Priority handling of own ships / minimizes interference between equipment / workload balancing, etc.
    • Provides Twin/Tandem Operation functions
    • Offers improved productivity of own ships through Global YT Pooling (Supplementary GPS linkage functions provided)
    • Optimal equipment location provision module that takes into account yard conditions in real-time (Auto grounding system)
    • Wireless device control (VMT, PDA, HHT, etc.)
    • Integrated terminal operation monitoring & control functions (3D monitor support functionality)
    • Real-time control functionality for unexpected situations
  • Automated Ship Plan
  • Terminal customer services
    • E-Services (Provides a Portal and an EDI Engine for a vessel company/shipping company/customs EDI)


  • Established SNCT automated terminal system (TOS, infrastructure)
  • SNCT automated terminal system operation and maintenance
  • Established PSA-HPNT automated terminal system (TOS, infrastructure)
  • PSA-HPNT automated terminal system operation and maintenance
  • Established PNIT automated terminal system (TOS, infrastructure)
  • PNIT automated terminal system operation and maintenance
  • PNIT-HPNT systems integration
  • Established BNCT automated terminal system (in conjunction with NAVIS)
  • Established Pyeongtaek Eastern Container Terminal terminal system
  • Pyeongtaek Eastern Container Terminal system operation and maintenance
  • Masan I-Port system operation and maintenance
  • Hutchison Busan operations server upgrade
  • Improved CUT system
  • Improved WUT system
  • Established HMM Terminal’s operating system (TOS, infrastructure)
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