Process Logistics

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System Capable of Prompt Process Link with High-Speed Processing of Freight Volume Production Lead Time Reduction and Maximization of Space Utilization

A solution that maximizes the production balance maintenance and warehousing efficiency is provided by linking diverse automated equipment with the entire processes from raw materials to finished products.

Construction Examples

  • Ulsan Plant R-Project Automated Warehouse
  • Hwatae Locomotive Engine Plant EMS System
  • Jeonju Plant Automated Warehouse
  • Waegwan Plant EMS and Automated Warehouse
  • Seongseo Plant Logistics Automation
  • Sintanjin Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Automated Warehouse
  • BA Yeongju Plant Finished Product Automated Warehouse
  • No. 2 Plant Automated Storage and EMS System
  • Blank Automated Storage
  • Product Storing Automated Storage
  • Donghee Industries Ulsan Raw Material Logistics Automated Warehouse
  • Donghee Jeonggong Hwaseong Raw Material Logistics Automated Warehouse
  • Donghee Co., Ltd. Asan Raw Material Storing Automated Warehouse
  • Donghee Auto Seosan Wire-Harness Automated Warehouse
  • Busan Plant FCB Automated Warehouse
  • The Philippines MLCC Logistics Automation
  • LCD Module Line EMS System
  • L-2(LCD TFT) Stocker System
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